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A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikvah On Becoming Jewish After Fifty —Essays—
A Death Delayed Agent Orange: Hidden Killer of Vietnam —A Remembrance—
I, Sarah Steinway —A Novel—
“This book is superb. To my knowledge it is without peer in style or approach.” Rabbi Paul Citrin 2016 WINNER NEW MEXICO–ARIZONA BOOK AWARDS CLICK HERE TO READ SAMPLE CHAPTER
Danny lies dying here in this place, dying as surely as if he had stopped a bullet in Vietnam in 1968. Of the many enemies hidden in those jungles, Agent Orange was perhaps the most insidious. 2018 FINALIST NEW MEXICO–ARIZONA BOOK AWARDS
“An utterly original imagining of a post- apocalyptic world, lightly using the tropes of dystopian and disaster fiction while depending on ingenuity and emotional depth to carry the story.” —Quarter-Finalist 2017 Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize 2018 WINNER NEW MEXICO–ARIZONA BOOK AWARDS FINALIST NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARDS
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