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About the Author Mary E. Carter was born in the San Fernando Valley of orange groves and dirt roads. Most of her life she lived and worked in California and had a long career as an advertising copywriter and graphic designer. She now lives in New Mexico where she paints and writes. Her memoir, A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikvah, was a 2016 WINNER in the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. Her first book, Electronic Highway Robbery was published by Peachpit Press in 1996. I, Sarah Steinway is her first novel and was a Quarter-Finalist in the 2017 Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize for unpublished manuscripts. NOTE: If you Google Mary E. Carter and/or A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikvah my name pops up surrounded by many other Mary Carters and Mary E. Carters and their book titles. To clarify, and to distinguish myself and my books from other authors with the name Mary E. Carter or Mary Carter, my published books are: Electronic Highway Robbery, published by Peachpit Press, 1996 A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikvah, published by Tovah Miriam, 2014 A Death Delayed - Agent Orange: Hidden Killer of Vietnam published by Tovah Miriam 2017 I, Sarah Steinway - A Novel published by Tovah Miriam 2018 The Three-Day Departure of Mrs. Annette Zinn - A Novel published by Tovah Miriam 2019
Mary Carter reading from The Three-Day Departure of Mrs. Zinn at Bookworks in Albuquerque. 29 August 2019 Photo: Diane Joy Schmidt
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